It’s no secret that people are looking for different ways to enjoy their leisure time and vacations. Checking into a hotel and having things in the old traditional way is not that appealing to tourists anymore. They would like to live all kinds of experiences, which should be thrilling, exciting, and comfortable at the same time. This lead to the appearance of glamping, an incredible combination between enjoying nature and the outdoors and still have the best accommodation options and facilities. While glamping is not new, as it once used by the members of the royal families and high layers of society, it starts to be rediscovered due to the incredible experiences it offers.

What will glamping bring you? Just try to imagine glamping in Aviemore, for example. Aviemore is a mountainous region that is home to the Cairngorms National Park. The scenery here is simply mind-blowing and, depending on the season you’re visiting, you can see all kinds of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers in bloom over here. Also, if you truly want to relax but also get the most Aviemore has to offer, embarking on a journey with a steam train is the best way to do this. The journey follows a generous loop, so you will be brought back to where you started. But, while sitting in the train comfortably, you will come to see why this area is so popular and appreciated among tourists.

Glamping in Fort William is another great way to discover the beauty of Scotland. Fort William is the biggest city in the Highlands region and it is located at the end of the biggest marine lake in Scotland, the Linnhe Lake. Now, try to imagine a picture made out of tall mountainous peaks in the background and the waters of a lake in the foreground. You can see this life if you choose to spend your time in Fort William. It is also worth knowing that the city was featured in several movies, such as Harry Potter and Braveheart.

What about glamping accommodation? Glamping pods are one of the most popular options. If you want to try out glamping, the A9 is the road that will take you to luxurious eco glamping pods that are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. But, do know that Scotland has more to offer to glamping enthusiasts than the pods on the A9. You can go glamping on North Coast 500, considered to be Scotland’s Route 66. A trip on the North Coast 500 will allow you to discover gorgeous places along the way. Just make sure to take care of accommodation in an early manner, so you will have where to stop and relax whenever you feel the need.

But, did it occur to you that you can also go glamping at Loch Ness? Yes, you can enjoy glamping in the proximity of this famous lake. Who knows, maybe you’ll even see the Loch Ness monster if you are in luck. Don’t worry, as this is just a myth. Instead, focus on the beauty of the area and replenish yourself with that much needed positive energy. Most certainly you will go back home relaxed and well-rested.