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Glamping or The Luxurious Version of Camping

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

If you take “glamour” and combine it with “camping”, you get “glamping” or the new way to enjoy camping experiences a luxurious manner. It is a rather recent manner of enjoying vacations out in nature, dedicated to those that want to enjoy outstanding conditions while getting the most nature has to offer. Its popularity is growing fast, as even those that were not so keen on going camping can enjoy this kind of adventures. Glamping provides a much higher degree of comfort and protection and it still gives you the chance to pick your favorite type of outdoor adventure.

The accommodation options made for glamping are made in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner, so you can be sure that nature won’t be disturbed. You’ll blend in with the rest of the landscape perfectly and enjoy stunning conditions inside your lodge, cabin, or whatever your option may be. So, if you want to get the most of Scotland’s natural beauty and enjoy tourism in a responsible manner, glamping in Scotland will open the door toward this kind of experiences.

In case you’re wondering what’s the story around glamping, it is worth knowing that, in spite of the fact that it appears recent, it is not. Luxury camping has been around for centuries and was a preferred method of spending time by the representatives of the high society back in the days. For example, the diplomatic meeting between the kings Francis I of France and Henry VIII of England, which took place in 1520, happened on a large field and inside tents. More precisely, no less than 2,800 tends were set up in the northern part of France. Lavish feasts were organized within these tents, as these official meetings usually ended in a festive manner. Also, let us not forget about the lavish tents of the Ottomans, which were beautifully decorated by the skilled artists of those days.

So, we can say that the custom of enjoying camping in a more luxurious way came back, not being something that emerged in our modern days. Even a few centuries ago, the wealthy people that wanted to spend time in the outdoors but wanted to have the degree of comfort they were accustomed to, had outstanding conditions during their camping experiences. Private bathrooms, elegant verandas, and fine cuisine served by talented chefs were among the luxuries they indulged in.

Our modern times comes with a wide range of glamping options, which suit not just the distinct preferences of tourists, but also their budgets. It is very easy to find a glamping solution that will give you the kind of experience you are looking to enjoy while granting you access to the comfort you enjoy in your own home. Thus, you will be away from home, yet having the time of your life. In case you are already planning for a vacation, do consider glamping in Scotland and book the best spot before everything is cleared out. Don’t worry that the winter is getting closers, as glamping will make sure you’ll stay warm, dry, and comfortable no matter what the weather will bring.


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