Walking, Hiking, and Biking around Tigh an Each B&B & Laggan Glamping

We have endless places to walk, hike and ride all around us. There is everything from a short 30 minute stroll to a full day out in the mountains. We have put together a few suggestions and link to maps of where to go, as well as a few videos of where we have been ourselves.

This is the first half of a lovely walk leaving from our property and following the East Highland way route.


There is an option when you join the track at the end of this video to turn left and that goes to Newtonmore.


Its a fairly easy walk as long as there's not been a lot of rain, otherwise it can get a bit tricky crossing the burns. 

The second half of this video is below where you turn right at the track and come down past Cluny Castle.

This is the second half of the video which is mostly downhill and on a proper track as opposed to walking through the heather.

You walk down through Cluny Estate and eventually come out at the imposing Cluny Castle (currently owned by the Qatar Royal Family).

Then walk down to the gatehouse and up our road and back to our property. 

This is a great walk to see some of the wild Scottish wilderness without having to travel to get there.

This is a run that we did on an E-bike that went from our car park out by the Spey Dam, then back via the Melgarve track which takes you over to Wolftrax Mountain Bike Centre. As well as mountain biking tracks, they also have a cafe if you feel like a pitstop.

Then back along the road past the Laggan Coffee Bothy and Gallery which is another pitstop possibility. (They have Kara the talking parrot and some lovely ice cream).

Its then a short run back to our property. Total time without pitstops is about 2 hours.

Another E-bike run from our car park which goes along the road to Newtonmore where you have the possibility to visit the Highland Folk Museum for a great day out. There are also several cafes & hotels for lunch.


Then back along the road out of Newtonmore toward Ralia, where you pick up the A9 cycle route, and pass Ralia cafe which is another pitstop possiblity.


You turn right to head down the Glentruim road which passes the "Centre of Scotland" stone, then is a lovely long downhill run all the way back to our property via Laggan and the Coffee Bothy.