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Glamping with Your Furry Friends: Are Pets Allowed?

Two German Shepherd Dogs in a wood

Glamping with Your Furry Friends: Are Pets Allowed?

When planning a getaway, the prospect of leaving your beloved pet behind can be a dealbreaker. For many travelers, pets are an integral part of the family, and the idea of a vacation without them just doesn’t seem right. Fortunately, the glamping trend has evolved to accommodate the needs of pet owners, offering a variety of pet-friendly options. But before you pack up your pup, it’s essential to know what to expect. Here's what you need to know about bringing your pets along on a glamping adventure.

Pet-Friendly Policies: What to Look For

One of the first things to check when considering a glamping trip with your pet is the site's pet policy. While many glamping sites welcome pets, policies can vary widely. Some may allow dogs but have restrictions on breeds or sizes, while others might have limits on the number of pets you can bring. Always check the specific details to ensure your furry friend is welcome and that you understand any associated rules or fees.

Additional Fees and Requirements

It's common for glamping sites to charge an additional fee for bringing pets. This fee usually covers extra cleaning costs and potential wear and tear. Make sure to inquire about any extra charges when booking. Additionally, some sites may require a refundable pet deposit, which is returned if there is no damage to the property.

Amenities for Pets

Many pet-friendly glamping sites go the extra mile to ensure both you and your pet have a comfortable stay. Look for amenities such as:

  • Pet beds and bowls: Some glamping pods provide these essentials to make your pet feel at home.

  • Fenced-in areas: Secure outdoor spaces where your pet can roam safely.

  • On-site walking trails: Easy access to trails or open spaces for walks and exercise.

  • Pet-friendly activities: Information on local pet-friendly attractions and activities.

Rules and Etiquette

When glamping with pets, it’s crucial to adhere to the rules and maintain good etiquette. Common guidelines include:

  • Leash policies: Most sites require pets to be kept on a leash when outside the pod.

  • Clean up: Always clean up after your pet to keep the area clean for other guests.

  • Quiet hours: Ensure your pet doesn’t disturb other guests, especially during designated quiet hours.

Preparing for Your Trip

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable glamping experience with your pet, proper preparation is key. Here are some tips:

  • Bring familiar items: Pack your pet's favorite toys, blankets, and treats to help them feel comfortable in the new environment.

  • Medical records: Have up-to-date vaccination records and any necessary medications on hand.

  • Travel essentials: Don’t forget a sturdy leash, waste bags, food and water bowls, and enough food for the duration of your stay.

Benefits of Glamping with Pets

Glamping with your pet offers numerous benefits. It allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without the guilt of leaving your furry friend behind. Pets can enhance your experience, encouraging you to explore more and stay active. Additionally, the presence of your pet can make your vacation feel even more special and relaxing.


Bringing your pet along on a glamping trip can transform a great vacation into an unforgettable one. By choosing a pet-friendly glamping site and following the necessary guidelines, you can ensure both you and your pet have a fantastic experience. So, when planning your next outdoor adventure, consider a glamping destination that welcomes pets—you'll both be glad you did!

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