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How to enjoy the beauty of the Scottish outdoors in the most comfortable way possible

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Scotland is known for her natural gems and gorgeous historical vestiges in the form of old castles and fortresses. If you want to take a break from your everyday lifestyle and run away from the busy city, the Scottish outdoors will provide the best refuge. What does this mean? In case you are thinking about camping, it’s time to know that there is something even better than this. It is called eco glamping and it was made to suit the need of those that would like to enjoy more comfort and luxury than what traditional camping is offering them. Of course, everything is set so that the environment is properly protected and respected during your stay.

Wondering where you can enjoy glamping in Scotland? You could try glamping in the Cairngorms and enjoy the stunning mountainous landscape in the area. There is also a natural park in the region, meant to protect the beauty of the Cairngorms mountains, its fauna, and flora alike. So, you will have what to see and do over here. Just try to imagine waking up to see the imposing peaks of the mountains and sniff the fresh forest air. Besides strolls out in nature, you can also enjoy hot tubs in the outdoors, sauna, and other perks offered by glamping. It is really one of the best and most relaxing ways to spend your spare time.

The best part about glamping in Scotland is the wide availability of options. Glamping in Ben Nevis is another great way to mix nature and outstanding accommodation conditions. This is another stunning mountainous area in Scotland that made the country famous through its beauty. Exploring the hiking trails in Ben Nevis is a great way to discover the mesmerising region and reconnect with nature and your inner self. Your senses will be pleased with the sights and your health will be protected by enjoying mild exercising out in the open.

In case you want to see something else than lush green forests and mountainous peaks, you must then go glamping in Inverness. Inverness is actually a city that is surrounded by green hills, which allows the enjoyment of glamping. So, you will be in the outdoors but also have the chance to visit a city. It is worth knowing that Inverness has a series of old buildings, like castles, chapels, and townhouse, with spectacular architecture. It is simply a charming city that must be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Another more than great option may be glamping in Braemar, where a majestic castle still watches over the surrounding territories. Besides a still standing castle, you can also see a lot of castle ruins around Braemar, if you follow the popular hiking trails around the area. They continue to be fascinating even if they are covered by green moss and vegetation. The truth is that the entire village looks like a fairy-tale scene, with old houses made out of stone, beautiful meadows, and landscape that looks stunning every season of the year.


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