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Reasons to Go Glamping on Your Next Holiday.

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Go glamping off the grid this summer to take your camping vacation to another level. You won't be disappointed.

Ten reasons to go off-grid glamping this summer

● 1. Resign from social media

● 2. A new skill can be learned

● 3. Enjoy some pampering

● 4. Be one with the natural world

● 5. Cook over a campfire

● 6. Fresh air and starry sky

● 7. It's eco-friendly!

● 8. It's easy on the purse strings

● 9. You will be the only person for miles

● 10. Memories that last a lifetime will be yours


It's no secret that my life is very busy. My work hours are long, and I have many responsibilities. I also have many friends, family, and hobbies that take up my time when I'm not at the office. My family and friends often ask me how I manage to accomplish so much. To be honest, I don't know. However, I do know what the result of my insane lifestyle is - burnout.

Since joining the workforce, I have been burned out quite a few times. It is not always easy. This affects not only me but also my partner. This year, I am making an effort to improve the way I manage my time, my work hours, and my leisure time. It will also allow Jon and me to enjoy some quiet getaways. Although we look like "city types," deep down, Jon and I love being out in nature on bikes or boats (walking is not as important ...). We recently bought a very cheap used 4 berth motorhome for the whole family and now we can travel every vacation. Glamping, also known as glamorous camping, was a popular holiday choice a few years back. You can enjoy the outdoors while still having all the comforts of a hotel. Win-win!

We had a wonderful long weekend in Wales a year ago. We were off-grid and relied on solar panels for electricity. A wood burner heated our yurt, and we enjoyed the lack of internet and mobile signal. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the modern world. I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to go away for a few days to recharge your battery (instead of your phone's).

Although it might sound frightening to go off-grid, there are tons of glamping sites that offer luxury yurts and bell tents as well as shepherds huts so you can enjoy all the creature comforts of home while enjoying nature.

Here are my



Numerous studies have shown that social media doesn't make people happy. Our perceptions of normality have been distorted by our constant use of our smartphones. Glamping in the middle of nowhere is likely to mean that you won't be able to access wifi or mobile phone signals. While some sites offer it, I cannot stress enough how crucial it is for me to be completely uncontactable if you sleep and switch off.

It will feel strange at first, and you will likely pick up your phone expecting to find an old friend from university posting photos of her swinging in the ocean off the coast of an Island. Then, you'll be looking at your work phone expecting 20 messages on small matters that only you can answer. But then, there won't be any notifications, and you'll wonder why you ever bothered. You can stop checking your phone for too long, and you might notice a difference when you return to the real world.


You might need to learn new skills if you aren't an outdoorsy person. We've learned many things on our trips, including how to build a fire, cook over an open flame, and navigate with a map (especially important if Google Maps isn't working).

You can even take a course while on vacation! Many campsites offer a variety of outdoor courses, including woodworking and foraging.


You don't have to go off-grid in order to pamper yourself. You can choose a site with a wood-fired Jacuzzi. A luxury option is an outdoor shower. This will allow you to read, paint, and even make a face mask. You have the freedom to choose, and there will be no distractions.


Glamping is a way to get close to nature, whether you're in a yurt set in a meadow or in a treehouse in a forest filled with pine trees. You can enjoy the most stunning scenery, whether you're biking to the beach or hiking up a waterfall for a whole day. The best part is that you can return to your hotel with a large bed and a hot tub waiting for you. You get more brownie points if you choose a place with an outdoor shower.


Cooking over a naked fire is so primitive. You will have fewer dishes to clean up and can enjoy a glass of wine as you cook. You will be warm by the heat of the fire, and you will be able to focus on your meal and forget about the pressures and stresses back home.

These are my top campfire recipes

Campfire Sausages With Puy Lentils & Kale

Herby Frittata

Spicy Prawn Parcels

Hot Mulled Scrumpy Cider (aka bonfire juice).

Chocolate Orange Campfire Cake

Banana S'mores


I vividly recall a holiday in Delilah, our campervan, situated on a clifftop near St Ives in Cornwall. I saw so many stars that I didn't know I would ever see them again. It is incredibly relaxing to take a deep, fresh breath and gaze up at the stars. Stargazing can help you forget about all your worries for a few minutes.


It is our duty to do more for the planet we call home. Glamping is another way to help the planet out. Tipis and yurts are made from sustainable and locally-sourced materials. A hamper with local food and drink, often organic, will often be included. Glamping is completely legal!


Glamping is a great option if you want to save money on your holiday. Glamping is cheaper than a five* hotel but offers many of the same amenities and facilities. Spend the money on a bottle of champers to be enjoyed in the BBQ pod.

Although it may seem anti-social, I love the fact that I can enjoy all of the amenities of a hotel without ever having to interact with anyone. Many sites don't have anyone to meet you at check-in. You will receive a checking in video, and you can head to your pod. Everything will be ready. Do you need more charcoal for your BBQ? You can take some wood and put a few pounds in an honest box. It's as easy as that. You can simply drive off at the end of your holiday.

● You'll make memories that will last a lifetime.

What is the one thing I will keep from our off-grid experience here in Scotland? Watching a sheep as I washed my hair! It's better not to say too much about it.

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